Indra Nooyi overcame tremendous odds to become head of Pepsico. When she came to United States for her studies, she had no safety net. While at Yale, she had virtually no money of her own. Had she failed, it would have been back on the next flight home.

She eventually got job as a receptionist at a Connecticut company, working the midnight to 5a.m. shift and struggling to put together $50 to buy a western Suit for her first Corporate Job interview.

Having finally scrapped together enough money to buy a suit, she felt uncomfortable in the new and unfamiliar clothes. The interview didn’t result in Job offer. She then turned to her professor for advice. The reply? Be yourself and stick to what makes you comfortable. She then wore traditional sari dress to next interview. She got the job.

It’s impossible to say for sure, but if the clothes probably didn’t make or break the interview, the attitude most likely did. Being comfortable with herself projected the confidence that Nooyi needed. She says she’s taken her professors advice ever since. “I am so comfortable in myself,” she says, “I don’t have to be an American to play in corporate life.”
De-briefing of the Story

One of the key to success in Business is to do what you do best, and to have courage to be yourself. People will know when you are really you and respect you for it. So be yourself and work in a manner in which you are comfortable with.  Do not try to be someone else just to fit in.

Time required to Share this story (with de-briefing) – less than 5 Minutes

“Not Suit but Sari did the Trick” can be used to share the importance of

  • Be yourself
  • Confidence

Story Source:

Book : The Power of Storytelling by Jim Holtje

Life Stories to Inspire: Indra Nooyi

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26 thoughts on “NOT SUIT BUT SARI DID THE TRICK|Story no 3/101

    1. Thank you Vinisha. It’s your support and motivation that keeps us going.
      Please share it with your friends and Family – so they would benefit too.

  1. Wonderful story Rupak. Being comfortable and convinced with whatever we do, success will surely find its way, it’s a key learning for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. I am glad that you liked it.
      Being comfortable with ourself is important for success. I am happy that you learnt it via this story.

    1. Everyone should have that thought process towards women.
      Yes, Indra Nooyi is the best example to inspire all women.

  2. Good Story! This story brings light to 2 powerful debriefs. The results drawn from Being Yourself and the power what one can achieve by doing what they want rather than doing what others want them to do..

    1. Thank you so much for providing 2 powerful debriefs.
      Yes, we need to work on our strengths and not on what people suggest us.

  3. Hi rupak…thanx for sharing a different aspect of indira nooyi life. What I was most impresssed was by her persistent hard work against all odds. For an indian lady saree gives poise and style and hence confidence.

    1. Very well said Lata. Everyone (not just females) should learn from her persistence.
      Thank you for sharing your learning with us.

  4. Very well put….Roopak.
    It’s all about adding your personal style to any fundas of life…that is what learning is, that is what makes us unique …clothing being most important part of NV communication. It is therefore being true to self first ..before preaching out ..

    I liked it!

    1. Yes it is important to add our personal style in whatever we do, that’s what makes us unique.
      Thank you for reading and sharing about this Story.

    1. Our energy gets distributed when we trying to be someone else. Being yourself helps in focusing 100% on your job.
      Thank you for reading this story and sharing your thoughts on it.

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