Seth Kahan (author of Getting Change Right), “This is a story that came to mind when you were talking about money and managing money. I didn’t have lot of experience with my family in managing money. But just after I got out of the college, I wanted to start a business, and I needed to borrow $500. My parents wouldn’t lend it to me. So I went to Uncle Ben and explained what I was going to do and he lent me $500.

And then the business was foundered and the money was gone. The business was gone and I owed Uncle Ben this money. I didn’t call him back. I just kind of severed the relationship. That’s how I felt. After 6 months of no payment, he called me. I remembered he said: “You know, you just don’t do this. This is not the way to treat someone who trusted you. It’s OK that you don’t have the money. We can work out a way for you to get the money and pay it back over time. But it’s not okay to break off the relationship like that.”

And that stayed with me for whole life, how one manages money, how one deals with people who have trusted you.

De-briefing of the story

Returning back your loans on time is important. But due to some circumstances, you cannot do it then it does not mean you run away from that person or ignore him. you should be honest with him/her because he/she was the one who trusted you. Money can be earned again – but not the trust.

Time required to Share this story (with de-briefing) – less than 5 Minutes

“It’s okay, that you don’t have the money” can be used to share the importance of

1- Managing money

2- Trust is most important

3- Integrity

4- Honesty

5- Maintaining good relationship

Story source:

“The leaders Guide to storytelling” by Stephen Denning – page 145

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