All it takes is “One Hit”|Story No. 8/101

Michael Eisner (former CEO of The Walt Disney Company) says the weeding out process can often be brutal. For example, for every idea a respected producer submits, at least ten possibilities have already been screened beforehand. For every three ideas the network eventually hears, usually only one script is OK’d for development. For every three accepted scripts, one pilot is accepted. For only three pilots made, only one goes on air. For every series that makes it on air, only one in four ends up returning for a second season.

For everyone that returns, only one in four becomes a true hit. And even then, only two or three times per decade does a show becomes a cultural phenomenon like The Sopranos or Seinfeld. By his own calculation, Eisner says that for even a seasoned producer, the odds of modest success are around one in four thousand! But all it takes is one hit.

“Persistence is as important as inspiration,” he says.

Debriefing the story

No matter what industry you are in, the odds of failure in trying something new are always than the odds of success. That’s why it is important for to focus on improving those ideas at the front end. Even if few ideas get rejected, you should not stop trying, keep innovating and keep on improving because as Eisner said – All it takes is One hit to make your career successful.

“All it takes is One Hit” story can be used to explain the importance of

1- Creativity

2- Persistence

3- Hard work

4- Odds against success

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Story source:

Michael Eisner, Work in progress (New York: Random House, 1998)

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