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In his book “Leaders Guide to storytelling” Stephen Denning shares the experience of one Ohio Consultant Valdis Krebs

“I spent more than a year working on a software development effort with folks in another city. We tried to do everything be e-mail, phone, and WebEx. It was possible to make some progress, but we also experienced many understandings and restarts and do-overs and flare ups. So we said, “Heck, Let’s meet.”

We did, and it was amazing how much we accomplished in two days. People who appeared to have difficulty communicating via the Net all of a sudden were clear and precise and open to feedback and understood each other perfectly – what an amazing transformation! This project would have taken many fewer hours if more of them had been spent face-to-face meeting, we all came to conclusion: “Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, a day face-to-face is worth a thousand e-mails.”

De-briefing of this story

We all should be grateful for living in an era in which communication process is simple and quick. But all the communication process were created with the intention of connecting us together. Therefore avoid substituting in-person meetings with phone/skype calls.  Brainstorming that happens in-person meetings will never happen to the same extent via phone/mail/skype. Therefore avoid substituting in person meetings whenever possible.

 This Story can be used to share importance of

  • In-person meeting
  • Avoiding too much communication via phone/skype/mails

Story Source

The Leader’s guide to Storytelling by Stephen Denning

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Meet up | Story no. 11/101

  1. True that. In person communication is always the best.
    Warmth, aura and grace of a person can always be felt and cannot be typed on the computer. Once synergies meet, the process gets absolutely quick.

    1. yes Jinay, you nicely summarized the importance of in-person meeting.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reading our stories.

  2. The significance of eye contact, body language n personal warmth n sincerity can never b written off however tech savvy one might be!

    1. Very well said, Machines cannot re-create the human experience.
      Thank you for reading this story and sharing your views.

    1. Yes Sunita – there is no substitute for human interaction.
      Thank you for reading this story and sharing your thoughts about it.

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