Give me the Necklace|Story No. 14/101

There was a pretty 8 year-old girl who was checking out at a store with her mother and saw a plastic pearl necklace. She wanted that necklace very badly and when she asked her mother if she would buy it for her, her mother said, “Well, it is a pretty necklace, but it costs an awful lot of money. I’ll buy you the necklace provided when we get home you can clean up your room & your bed. Okay?”

She agreed and her mother bought the pearl necklace for her & when they went home the little girl kept her promise.How she loved those pearls! She wore them everywhere – to school, bed, and even when she went out with her mother to run errands.

The only time she didn’t wear them was in the shower – her mother had told her that they would turn her neck green.She had a very loving daddy. When she went to bed, he would get up from his favourite chair every night and read her a nice story. One night when he finished the story, he asked her, “Do you love me?”

“Oh yes daddy! You know I love you,” the little girl said.

“Well, then, give me your pearls!” Daddy said.

Oh daddy! Please, not my pearls!” she said. “But you can have this Barbie, my favourite doll. Remember her? You gave her to me last year for my birthday. And you can have her tea party set too. Okay?”

“Oh no, darling, that’s okay.” Her father brushed her cheek with a kiss. “Good night.”

A week later, her father once again asked her after the story, “Do you love me?”

“Oh yes, daddy! You know I love you.”

“Well, then give me your pearls.”

“Oh, daddy, not my pearls! But you can have these coloured Ribbons & another Barbie doll. Do you remember her? She’s my favourite. Her hair is so soft, and you can play with it and braid it also. You can have both, daddy.”

“No, that’s okay,” her father said and brushed her cheek again with a kiss. “God bless you. Sweet dreams.”

Several days later, when her father came in to read her a story, she was sitting on her bed and her lips were trembling. “Here, daddy,” she said, and held out her tiny hand. She opened it and her beloved pearl necklace was inside. She let it slip into her father’s hand. “You can have the necklace Daddy.” She said with tears in her eyes.

With one hand her father held the plastic pearls and with the other he pulled out of his pocket a blue velvet box. Inside the box were real, genuine, beautiful pearls & he gave them to her!!! The little girl was completely stunned at that beautiful pearl necklace & was overjoyed!

He had them all along. He was only waiting for her to give up the cheap stuff so he could give her the real thing!!!

De-briefing of this story:

This is same with our Heavenly Father. He is waiting for us to give up all the cheap things in our lives so that he can give us his beautiful treasure. But we’ve to give up our desires first. Sometimes it is so hard to see what God has in the other hand, but we must believe that God will never take away anything without giving us in return something precious in its place.

“I will give you what you want so that one day you will want what I really want to give you”

This Story can be used to share the importance

1- Faith in God/Allah/super power

2- Letting go of unnecessary attachments

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Story source:

Received as a forwarded message on WhatsApp. If you know exact credits then please let us know.

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6 thoughts on “Give me the Necklace|Story No. 14/101

  1. aren’t we all like the small girl ? We remained attached/glued to things,relationships,assets and what not and still better possessions eludes us…

  2. We too are like the little girl…we do not let go of things because of the perceived value. When we let go, we see the hidden opportunities …it could be a job, a relationship, a possession. .the saying ‘When all doors close, we keep looking at the closed door and fail to notice the opening window behind’, comes to my mind.

    1. That saying is perfect in this situation. We need to let go of old things so that new things can come in life.
      Thank you for reading this story and sharing your thoughts in it.

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