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The Rickshawala

The rickshaw driver parked his vehicle outside the shop, dismounted, and walked a little hesitantly toward the entrance to the city’s premium sari shop – he was feeling self-conscious of his rumpled clothes. But as the uniformed guard at the entrance swung the glass doors open for him and gave him a smart salute, he felt a little less hesitant. He walked to the counter and requested to be shown silk saris.

The salesman asked which ones he liked and as he pointed to several, the salesman pulled them out from the shelf and spread them on the counter for him to make his choice. The rickshaw driver chose a few of them and inquired their price. ‘All in the Rs 1 lac range sir,’ answered the salesman politely. The driver was disappointed, his budget, he told the salesman, was only a few thousand.

A sales girl who was watching, suggested he might change his mind if the saris were displayed draped. He agreed reluctantly. Soon, two pretty girls were sashaying up and down the aisle, displaying the saris in all their finery. The driver was overwhelmed with the beautiful silks being displayed, but acutely aware of the size of his purse, he was forced to say no to the polite salesgirl. As he turned to walk away, the sales girl smiled, ‘do visit us again,’ she called after him.

He did. Within the next fortnight, the rickshaw driver brought in two passengers who were looking to buy good saris.

day 16

The above experience was narrated to me by the driver when our rickshaw halted at the traffic signal outside the sari shop.

My Takeaway

Being polite and respectful costs you nothing, but can shower you with unexpected blessings.

Point to Ponder

Do I respect myself enough?

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9 thoughts on “The Rickshawala|Story no. 16/101

    1. Yes nicely said – Being polite costs us nothing.
      Thank you for reading this story and sharing your thoughts about it.

  1. I do agree that politeness do get you a long way, however what overwhelmed the rickshaw wala most is the respect showed to him, making him feel worthwhile, as he himself was in a low self esteem
    So what we tend to do all the time ,is wait for appreciation from others,
    Always beleive in yourself, respect your self so much that others are forced to request you too.
    And off course the courtesy of the shop staff cannot be ignored.

    1. Yes, our self-esteem should be high. We should not wait for other’s appreciation for that.
      Thank you for presenting a different point of view to the learnings from this story

    2. While a healthy self-esteem is something devoutly wished for, it’s a psychologically uphill task for most of us – more so for people from the underprivileged classes. They get intimidated and are hesitant to enter fancy places Courtesy and politeness went a long way to reassure the rickshawala, that he was welcome and that the staff, including the watchman treated him with respect.

  2. One of thebest stories Rupak. Really good attitute of salespersons. Otherwise, we face the question, “what’s ur budget?” which generally customers don’t like.

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