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It was the day before Eid Al-Fitr.  Jamila, Bilal and their parents were sitting down for a delicious dinner, because the fast had ended. It was the twins favorite-cheese pizza. Their parents got it as a special treat for completing their first fast. At first, they gobbled their pizza and gulped their soda because they were hungry, but Mother told them that this was un-Islamic. So, they tried to use their best manners to please Allah. After their yummy dinner, they prayed and then jumped into their beds.

Jamila made it to the bed first, so Bilal fell on her. If you were in the room all you would see was a tangle of arms and legs! Mother and Father kissed them goodnight and then they read a surah from the Quran. They desperately tried to make themselves sleepy. They counted sheep, rabbits, camels, and even elephants! But, they were too excited about Eid.

Suddenly, there was a burst of white light in the room. The light glowed so bright that it hurt their eyes. Then, suddenly there was a strange creature right by their bed! “Assalam Alaikum! My name is Assad and I’m a jinn.” Bilal and Jamila were very surprised to see a jinn! They were so surprised that they almost fell off their beds! “Why are you here?” Bilal bravely asked. “I have come to tell you about the purpose of Ramadan and Eid,” Assad said. And, right after that they were whisked away. You see,  jinns travel very fast- before you even blink they can go around the world! So, it was  very much like a roller-coaster ride to the two twins.

Assad took them to a street in which poor people lived. The two twins almost cried (although Bilal didn’t like to admit it) to see that many of the people were starved! “See, one reason why Muslims fast is so that they can appreciate the food that Allah has given them and to know what it feels like for less unfortunate people,” Assad stated.

Then, before you could even say “Hi” , the friendly jinn took them to a mosque. The people were praying to Allah and thanking Him. “We also fast, because it purifies ourselves and helps us to become better Muslims.” Assad said. “Then we can go to heaven, INSHALLAH!” Jamila said with a dreamy look. That is the best reward that Muslims should work hard for. Then, Assad asked them, ” Can one of you think of another reason why we’re supposed to fast?”

“I know! I know! It’s healthy for us!, Bilal said jumping up and down. Jamila then looked at him with a warning glance because he was jumping around like a kangaroo! “You are correct, Bilal. It’s good for our bodies instead of always stuffing our faces with food!” Jamila then started giggling about them stuffing their food in their mouths at dinnertime. Did Assad know about that? “And of course, we celebrate Eid Al-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan. People give presents to each other on this day, pray at the mosque, and spend time with friends and family.”  Jamila and Bilal then started thinking and eagerly waiting for the next day. It was so hard to wait!

“Well, this was the purpose of your trip. I will now take you back to your beds so you can get a good night’s sleep before Eid!” In an instant, the two twins were taken to their room and they yawned sleepily. They promised to each other to keep this adventure a secret.

De-briefing of this Story

Many people call the practice of fasting in Ramzan as superstitious. But this story showed us the real reason behind their fasting. Therefore we should respect all the people who fast in Ramzan. Please remember, not all religious practices are superstitious – majority of them are based on scientific reason.

This Story can be used to share the importance of

  1. Real meaning behind Ramzan Fast
  2. Not all religious practices are superstitious.
  3. Respect for other religion

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