Teacher said she was dumb but when she started to dance… | Story no. 25/101

Lynne was the choreographer behind Cats and Phantom of the Opera. Robinson asked Lynne how she had become a dancer. She said that when she was going to school in the 1930s, her school administrators believed she had a learning disorder because she couldn’t concentrate and was always fidgeting. I think now they’d say she had ADHD. Wouldn’t you?

But this was was the 1930s, and ADHD hadn’t been invented at this point. It wasn’t an available condition. People weren’t aware they could have that. Lynne visited a specialist whom her mother had brought her to see. After listening to Lynne and her mother for about 20 minutes, the doctor told Lynne that he would like to speak to her mother privately.

But as they went out of the room, he turned on the radio that was sitting on his desk. And when they got out of the room, he said to her mother, ‘Just stand and watch her.’ And the minute they left the room, she said, she was on her feet, moving to the music. And they watched for a few minutes, and he turned to her mother and said, ‘Mrs. Lynne, Gillian isn’t sick; she’s a dancer. Take her to a dance school.”

Lynne did go to dance school. She had a career at the Royal Ballet, met Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, and has been responsible for choreographing some of the greatest musicals in the history of theater.

De-briefing of this story

What if some doctor would have given her medication to just calm her down? She would have never ended up as a dancer. So many young talents are being crushed just because they are expected to do well in academics. As an adult you must be aware that each child is unique and has different talents. Do not label any child as dumb just because he/she fails in maths or science.

I would definitely you to watch the entire TED talk of  Sir Ken Robinson titled “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” (More than 1 crore people has watched his TED talk.)

This story can be used to share the importance

1- Parenting

2- Accepting the person as he/she is

3- Change required in the education system.

Story Source

TED talk of Sir Ken Robinson – “Do Schools kill Creativity?”

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2 thoughts on “Teacher said she was dumb but when she started to dance… | Story no. 25/101

  1. So true…infact even in schools.. if u have elder sibling doing excellent in academics and if the younger one doesn’t keep up that expectations the teachers pressurise and compare a lot.. which pushes the younger child down and doesn’t allow him/ her to show his/ her true colors in other fields.. infact might even spoil the relationship between the siblings… I have experienced this… my younger brother had to suffer because of me!

    1. I am so sorry for your brother. We cannot change our past but we can definitely change our future. Make sure to share the message of this story with everyone. And please do watch the Ted Talk mentioned at the end of this article.

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