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“I was trying to close a big commercial real estate deal while I was here in Chicago. I met with the principals, their attorneys, and another real estate agent who had just been brought in with an alternative proposal.

“It looked as if I were going to lose the deal. I had been working on this deal for over six months and, in a very real sense, all my eggs were in this one basket.  All of them.  I panicked. I did everything I could — I pulled out all the stops — I used every sales technique I could. The final stop was to say, ‘Could we delay this decision just a little longer?’

But the momentum was so strong and they were so disgusted by having this thing go on so long, it was obvious they were going to close. “So I said to myself, ‘Well, why not try it?  Why not practice what I learned today and seek first to understand, then to be understood? I’ve got nothing to lose.’

“I just said to the man, ‘Let me see if I really understand what your position is and what your concerns about my recommendations really are.  When you feel I understand them, then we’ll see whether my proposal has any relevance or not.’ “I really tried to put myself in his shoes. I tried to verbalize his needs and concerns, and he began to open up. “The more I sensed and expressed the things he was worried about, the results he anticipated, the more he opened up.

“Finally, in the middle of our conversation, he stood up, walked over to the phone, and dialed his wife.  Putting his hand over the mouthpiece, he said, ‘You’ve got the deal.’


De-briefing of this Story

He got the deal because of making huge deposits, in the Emotional Bank Account – by listening to the man’s side.  When other things are equal, the human dynamic is more important than the technical dimensions of the deal.  Seek first to understand the other’s problem. When you do that, you will have way better chance of getting the deal.


This Story can be used to share the importance of

1- People Skills

2- Negotiation Skills

3- Team Work


Story Source

From the Book “7 Habits of highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

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