It’s okay to be Late| Story no. 41/101

Jay was on his way to the office. As he was late for his important meeting, he was driving his new Honda city at full speed. He wanted to make up for all the lost time at home. Due to his luck and bit of risky driving, he reached near his office area on time. He was just one block away from his office and was very happy.

Suddenly he saw one swift car, coming towards him. Swift was on the wrong side of the road and it was so fast that jay was sure his car will dash into Swift. He quickly reduced his speed but the swift’s driver had no intention of slowing down. Jay was sure that there was going to be an accident. His heart beat increased and he suddenly felt everything was in slow motion. The two cars were so close that he could see the driver of the other car. Just a moment before their car’s were going to collide, the driver of Swift took an extreme left and went into the narrow road – which could hardly fit one car.

Jay was relieved and he suddenly experienced that everything was back to normal. His slow motion experience vanished. Even though the collision scenario lasted for just few seconds, Jay literally felt it was for an hour long experience.

He was so angry on the swift driver that he loudly shouted – “Who the hell gave you the license! You should be arrested. He then realized that the windows of the car were closed and so no one could hear his voice. The narrow lane which swift took connects with highway and saves almost 10 minutes. He then murmured – “just to save few minutes, these people not only risk their life but also of others.”

By the time he finished his murmuring, he was in his office parking spot. He checked his mobile phone and saw a text message from Keira, “All the best for your meeting,” pressed back button and saw the time. He realized that he reached the office in just 20 minutes, otherwise which takes 35-40 minutes. He felt proud of himself and was about to get out of his car and at that time something struck him.

Throughout his journey from his home to office, wasn’t he doing the same as the swift driver. He just recollected all the sharp turns which he took and the driver of the swift car was just a reflection of his driving. He realized how stupid he has been and sat in car seat with his head on steering wheel. After few seconds he took out his phone and typed – “Sorry for acting like a jerk just because of you woke me 15 minutes late. It won’t happen again… Sorry… Love you…” message was sent to Keira.

Jay spent entire 5 minutes inside his car. But now, this small time delay did not bother him as “ The Jay that went inside the car wasn’t the same Jay which came outside of the car.”

De-briefing of this story

Today you are constantly under the time pressure. But in the race to win against time – you forget about how many people you hurt, just because to avoid a time delay. You also take risky decisions like driving in the wrong way or catching a running train/bus to save just few minutes. But is all that rush worth your life and your relationships?

This story can be used to share the importance of

1- Driving safely

2- Relationship

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11 thoughts on “It’s okay to be Late| Story no. 41/101

    1. Yes, we all should definitely remember that.
      Thank you for reading our story and sharing your thoughts about it.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Who is Kiera? – Well, that’s a mystery. My future stories will uncover that mystery.

  1. Actually in life it’s easy to point a finger at others forgetting that three fingers are pointing towards our own self when we show that finger to others.

    1. Yes, that’s very true. We need to work on ourselves before finding faults in others.
      Thank you for reading the story and sharing your thoughts about it.

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