It’s about Emotions and not Logic | Story no. 56/101

This story is continuation of story no 41. Make sure to read that story before you read today’s story.

Jay starts moving quickly towards the lift as he getting late for the meeting. As he enters the lift, his phone vibrates. He clicks the button for the 15th floor and then checks the text. It’s from Keira – “You did act like a jerk in the morning but that’s okay. Anyways I am at the Hospital, waiting for the result. Doctor should be here in 5 minutes.” “Okay dear, keep me updated” Jay replies. Lift reaches the 15th floor. He hurries to the conference room.

Jay enters the room and sees that Bharat has already started the meeting with their client – Geeta Patel – a young executive in her late twenties. “We would request you to remove pop up ads from your website.” Bharat says. Geeta,”Pop up?” Bharat explains, “Pop up ad is the advertisement which pops up in front of the screen whenever a person visits your website. It covers about 25% of the screen on PC but when it comes to cell phone which accounts to 91.5% of your audience – pop up ad covers the entire screen. The cancel sign is so small that when a mobile user tries to press it – he/she unintentionally clicks on the ad. This makes the user angry but your analytics show that click rate is high. This is one of the main reason why you clicks on your advertisements are more but conversion rate is very less.”

Jay quickly takes a seat next to Bharat and shows Geeta an image on his phone which is the screenshot of the pop up ad. Geeta takes the phone in her hand – see the screenshot for couple of seconds and gives it back to Jay. Jay takes the phone back and checks for any new text from Keira. No text from her. “He wonders what the report might be, positive or negative.” He shakes off that thought and focuses back in the meeting.

He realizes that Bharat is continuously speaking and Geeta is starting to lose interest. Bharat is showing her the slides and but she is least bothered to check it. He interrupts Bharat and says, “Geeta, we are clear that you want your social media to increase your sales. Our objective is to help you in that. We might be just a year old company or as media terms it – “A Start Up.” But we are very focused on achieving your goals. You will definitely get many agencies which are better that us but you won’t get any agency – who cares for your products more than us. Before you make the decision – think on that factor too. Because no one can market your product better than a person who genuinely cares for it.”

Jay quickly shuts his mouth as he realizes he is being too aggressive. Geeta starts staring at Jay. For few seconds, no one speaks anything. Bharat is pretty sure that Jay has screwed it up. He is about to apologize but Geeta starts speaking – “Jay, you surely know how to charm others. Deal is yours and by evening our legal team will mail you the contract. Bharat, presentation was good and I would really appreciate if you mail me that ppt file.”

“Yes, I will.” Bharat says quickly. Geeta takes her bag and leaves the room. “That was risky, it could have gone anyway. Don’t give that caring speech again. And when the hell you will learn to be on time!” Bharat says angrily. “Chill out bro, we got the contract and how many times I have told you this line – Humans don’t make decision logically but emotionally. So target emotional pain points.” “You and your emotional crap, let’s pack up and leave this conference room.”

Jay gets up from his chair and helps Bharat to pack up. They are about to leave the room when his phone vibrates. He checks it, it’s a message from Keira “Reports are positive.” Jay is shocked, he sits back on the chair and even in the chilled conference room, he starts sweating.

To be continued…

De-briefing of this Story

From advertisement side – Just because a customer clicks on your ad that does not mean he/she is always interested in it. Many  times, you unknowingly create a situation where a customer has to click on you ads. This increases the traffic but reduces your sales. So never put too many ads on your website.

Negotiation side – Humans are emotional beings first and then logical. Therefore connect with your clients emotionally. Identify their emotional pain points and show how your product/service will solve it.

This Story can be used to share the importance of

1- Proper Advertisement

2- Focusing on emotional needs

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