This is How Parsis Got Entry Into India | Story no. 59/101

Over 1000 years ago, the Zoroastrian Parsis of Iran emigrated to India but were not welcomed with open arms by Jadi Rana, the king of Gujurat.

“My country is overpopulated already,” he said, “How would we find room for you?” The leader of the Parsi immigrants called for a bowl of milk filled to the brim and a spoonful of sugar. He then carefully blended in the sugar to the milk, not spilling a drop.  “We are like the sugar,” he explained, “We will only sweeten your country.”

De-briefing of the Story

How wonderful it is that the Parsis never deterred from the promise they had made to Jadi Rana. One of the most peaceful community of India. So whenever you go to a foreign place with a different culture – mix with their culture as Parsis did in Gujurat and always maintain peace.

This story can be used to share the importance of

1- Adjusting with the different culture

2- Maintaining Peace

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