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While visiting South Africa with our eight graders, thanks to generosity of Delta Airline Lines, we were delivering supplies to schools when we met a young boy names Sisipho. The name means gift is Xhosa, and he would prove to be just that. He quickly bonded with one of our most brilliant student of RCA, Ryan Marshall. Wherever went around Soweto, Sisipho found out and met us there.

Eventually we started picking up each day and eventually he started staying the night with our group. Ryan and Sisipho formed a bond and a friendship like I have never seen before, and those two souls from opposites sides of the world became brothers instantly.

When it was time for us to leave Soweto and head to the airport, we were all crying as we wave goodbye to Sisipho. The young boy stood on the side of the road, waving at us with wild abandon as tears streamed down his face. As the bus reached the midway Ryan exclaimed, “Stop the bus!” I didn’t know what’s going on, but the driver slammed on the brakes and Ryan ran out the door all the way back to Sisipho. He then took off his necklace and placed it around Sisipho’s neck saying, “Keep this for me, I promise to get it from you again someday.”

Months later, at Ryan eight grade graduation from RCA I told that story. At the end, I pulled Ryan on stage up onstage and promised him that at some point in Sisipho’s life I would make sure he made a trip to America in order to reconnect with Ryan. The entire audience got on their feet to applaud the gesture, and Ryan bowed his head in thanks. I then announced, “Ryan sometimes promises come true sooner than you think! Come on out, Sisipho!”

The young boy ran out from behind the curtains and he and Ryan grabbed each other as the audience gasped and tears flowed. It was a beautiful and powerful moment, and it wouldn’t have happened if Ryan hadn’t had courage to know when it was necessary to bring the bus to a complete stop and create a moment.


De-Briefing of this Story

You will always be busy with life but when some special person arrives, learn to pause your fast-paced life. In this way you can live like to the fullest.


This Story can be used to share the importance of

1- Friendship

2- Taking time out from your busy life


Story Source

From the book – “Move your Bus” by Ron Clark

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