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It was 25 November 2009, and I was really happy. Nothing special with the date, but the day was very special. I was about to go the city I’d would always wanted to visit – Mumbai. And the best part was that I was going to stay at the beautiful Taj Hotel. My excitement increased as the time for my departure to the railways station neared. I went to take a shower before I get dressed to leave.

Thanks to my city’s municipality, the water suddenly stopped and I was stuck in the shower with soap all over my body and shampoo in my hair! I somehow managed to wipe off the soap and Shampoo and then rushed to get dressed in my best clothes. Having done that, I rushed to eat something. My stomach started revolting, and I felt quite ill.  Somehow I managed to catch an auto rickshaw to the station.

Of course, the auto driver was the worst I had ever come across. He gave me a roller coaster ride from my place to the station, and it seemed the engine of the vehicle could bust anytime.

But he didn’t care seem to care. I reached the station well before the time and hired a coolie. Perhaps the gods were against me that day – the collie was a thief.

I had to run all across the station to get me bags back. Catching the thief was a real tough job, but I managed, amidst drama. Finally, I reached the platform where my train was supposed to arrive in five minutes.

But the train was half an hour late. With further delays at other stations, I covered nine-hour journey in eighteen hours. Struggling to get out of my coach at the Mumbai Central Station, I was relieved that I finally arrived at the city I always wanted to be in. I hired taxi to the hotel.
On my way to the hotel, I was informed about the terriorist attacks.

The taxi driver told me that terrorist had entered some time back and police had sealed the area. I was completely taken by this news.
Previously, I had been cursing God as I felt that the powers above were against me, creating so many hurdles in my way to reach the city of my dreams.

But then I realised I was wrong. Those were signals from above to help me, to save me from the terrorist attacks. I wanted to fight for the people caught inside the hotel. I wanted to fight the terrorists. But I was helpless.

Standing behind the ‘Do not cross’ line, I kept praying to God and thanking him as well. Had I reached city on time, I would have been a hostage amongst those held. I could have died that day. But I felt superior power protecting me, causing goose bumps on my body.

De-briefing of this Story

When God hinders our efforts to do something, he simply saves us from some kind of trouble. But we often misunderstand it. God helps us in his own special ways and at times they are beyond our understanding.

This Story can be used to share the importance of

1- Having faith in infinite power

2- Everything happens for a good cause

Story Source

From the book – “Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Raksha Bharadia

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