A flight from Boeing to Books | Story no. 101/101

Two years ago, I was working in Air India. My job was to learn maintenance of planes. I and my friends used to relax in lunch break under the shadow of B-747 – near the runway.

Very few Landings and Take offs used to take place in the afternoon time; hence it was a peaceful place to relax.

In that silence, I used to always think about the purpose of my life.

I use to work with the engineers who were working in Air India from decades.

I was clear about one thing – I didn’t want my future like them. Nothing bad about their life and indeed it’s a prestigious thing to be an “Aircraft maintenance engineer,” but that never excited me.

From my high school days, if any of my friends had problems, for them– I was the guy to approach. Each person had a problems from different aspects of life.

Some were struggling with losing weight, some with relationship, some had parental issues, etc. We use to discuss about it and I used to give them solutions. They always found my solution effective and used to always praise me.

Sitting near runway and reflecting, the incidents of helping my friends use to always surface up.  Initially, I use to ignore them but when they were consistent – it felt like life’s way of giving a hint.  Then I started thinking seriously about it and decided to explore more.

After researching, I came to know about Training and Coaching Field. I was very excited and felt like this was a perfect career for me. (And indeed, it was!)

I left the aviation field and decided to move towards Training and coaching field. But there was one big problem. Trainers/Coach are expected to have years of work experience and tremendous knowledge – I didn’t had any.

Only thing I had was, my attitude of genuinely helping others.

I decided to Read Books in order to gain knowledge. I started devoting 4 hours a day for reading, and still was just able to finish just 3 books per week. I was frustrated with this pace as I had meet with many trainers who had read more than 200 books.

But they almost took 10 years for that and I could not afford to wait for 10 years.

I was in desperate need to read more Books quickly. I started researching about it and came across the concept of “Speed Reading.” Initially, I was Sceptic about it but having nothing to lose, I decided to learn that concept. I saw few videos on YouTube and started applying the techniques.

Within few days of practice, my Reading speed got doubled. I was very excited and decided to study more about it.

I read almost every book on speed reading to gain mastering over the concept. Soon I was able to finish 3-4 books per week by reading for just 2 hours every day. With the help of Speed Reading, I could save 2 hours every day – 14 extra hours per week!

With my command over Speed Reading, my friends asked me to train them. I taught them Speed Reading and even their Reading Speed increased. Few days later, one of my mentor recommended me to train two batches of school students. This marked as the beginning of my career as a Speed Reading Trainer.

As students and professionals started getting results, they started recommending me to others. By the word of mouth, I started getting more training. People reading from academic point of view were getting result – better speed, comprehension and retention.

But then the challenge came for people, who were reading with purpose of growing in life – not with an examination purpose, for e.g. – Reading Spiritual books, Self- Help Books, etc. For reading these kind of books, speed is not a priority but understanding is (not just retention). Understanding it so that it’s application in life becomes simpler. But traditional speed reading, and memory techniques weren’t good enough for that.

Therefore, I decided to research on that topic. This research work took lot of time and efforts as hardly anyone had researched on this topic.

Research work included – reading books from various categories, interviewing people who had applied book knowledge in their life, applying it personally and with the members of my group.

After spending thousands of hours in research and experimenting a lot, I was able to derive the strategy, which could give *maximum understanding from a non-fiction book in an hour.* People who applied that strategy said, that they got more understanding from the book in an hour, even though they had already read the entire book.

In that process of developing strategies for effective understanding, I also made changes in Speed Reading techniques. As I was teaching much more than Speed Reading in my workshop, I had to change the name to “Velocity Reading.”  Definition of Velocity is speed in direction.

Similarly target of my workshop is to not just to make Reading Faster and Better, but also to direct it in a way that adds value in your life.

In 2015, I was able to read more than 200 books. I also completed a challenge of reading 29 books in 29 days in February 2016. Knowledge from various books helped me a better trainer.

In this journey of reading and training I have grown as a person – From an immature youngster to a mature adult, from a trainer to a Leader, from the vision of making just a profitable business to building an organisation for creating a positive change.

And most importantly – from just motivating people to inspiring them!

*Present and Future Goal*

Now, as we are in an information – overload age, people are not able to access best knowledge in short time.

That is what my objective is – selecting the life changing knowledge, and simplifying it, and sharing with you all. (Story is one format of doing it)

Acquiring this knowledge, will help you to be a successful person. Most importantly it will make you, as well as me – a better Human Being.

Keep Reading…
Keep Growing…

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