Are your dreams for Sale? | Story no. 109

A friend of mine was preparing for the IAS exam. He belonged to a highly rich and influential family, who saw their son’s IAS preparation as a waste of time. His father wanted him to join family business as soon as possible.

But, this guy was made of something else. He was one of those people who are committed to their dreams, no matter what. He wanted to be an IAS officer, period. No one was going to stand in his way.

He made his resolve clear to his father. His father was displeased. He retaliated by cutting of all his finances.

So, what does this guy do? Does he give up on his dream?


He had had some money saved from a few development projects he had done during his college days. He packed his bags, took out the money, and came to Delhi. Imagine, a boy who was brought up like a prince in a royal environment, giving up all his comforts and renting a dingy room in the dark underbelly of Mukherjee Nagar!

If you think that you know the moral of this story by now, you’re utterly mistaken.

Our story is just starting.

Our guy was determined, but so was his father. He started enticing his son with various “offers”.

First, he told his son that he is ready to double his monthly pocket money (which was already considerable before the finances were cut off), if he’d just come back home.

Then he blackmailed him in the name of his mother (who by the way, was in silent support of her son.)

Then he offered him a position in his own company. (No work and a huge salary!)

This kept going on for months. The guy would reject one offer after another, his resolve always standing strong.

Then one day, out of the blue, I receive a Whatsapp message from him. It said –

“I want you to meet for one last time. Tomorrow, I’m going back home.”

“What happened?” I asked

“My dad just an offered me Audi A6, no strings attached. He just wants me to come home. It’s not a bad deal. I’ll miss the coaching but I try to prepare from home.”

That’s it folks. I didn’t reply to him after that. But the entire conversation reminded me of something my father had told me way back when I was a kid –

“Son, there is a saying that goes like this. Whether you achieve something or not depends on one and only one factor – how badly you want it. But that is completely wrong. The truth is – Whether you achieve something or not depends on one, and only one factor – what you are willing to ‘settle for “instead.”

You just saw that dream that is going to change your life! And you’ve resolved to not give up on it, no matter what. That’s great.

But resolves are easy to keep when there are no counter-offers on the table. Wait till the deals start coming in. Till the easy-ways-out start showing up. That’s when you’ll be tested.

*De-briefing of this Story*

The bitter truth of this world is that everything is for sale, even dreams.

It is just a question of what you are willing to sell it for, and what you are willing to ‘settle for’ instead.

And the funny thing is, you would be blissfully unaware of the fact that even your dream is for sale, until somebody comes along and offers the right price.

So, I ask you – “Would you sell your dream for an Audi A6?”

Story Source

– As received via Whatsapp.

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