Don’t Gossip | Story no. 119

There was a lovely young women who moved into suburban flat. She never used to speak with anyone.
Many men visited her. Part time servant said house was in a mess.
One could often here groans and moans if you walked by her door.
Imagine the gossip!
One day, she was carried away in an ambulance in the afternoon.
It was then everyone found out she had terminal cancer. The men were her doctor, her lawyer and her brothers.
She had moved to a distant suburb, because she did not seek anyone’s sympathy and wanted to die in peace. she was groaning in unbearable pain.
Imagine how far the perception was from truth. Imagine how bad the neighbours would have felt.
They had no chance to make it up to her, because she died in the hospital that night after a brave battle against cancer.

*De-briefing of this Story*

That’s the problem with us, we like to judge even before we know the entire reality. Hope this story acts as a reminder to avoid doing that.

*Story Source*

From the book – Innovation Sutra by Dr Rekha Shetty

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