Bounce forward | Story no. 131

At 31 he failed in business and declared bankruptcy and 32 he lost an election for the legislature.

In 34 his business failed again, and he declared bankruptcy for a second time. The following year, his fiancé died.

The year after that, he suffered a nervous breakdown. Two years later, in 38 he was defeated in another election.

At 43 he ran for the US Congress and lost. At 48 he ran again for Congress, and again he lost. Seven years later, he entered the race for the US Senate, and he was defeated.

At 56 his name was placed on the ballot for the vice-president of the United States, and he lost the election. At 58 he ran for the Senate and lost again.

In year 60 –1860 – he was elected president of the united states. His name was Abraham Lincoln.

In spite of an incredible string of setbacks, he went on to become of one of the greatest statesman of the history. He said “you cannot fail unless you quit.”


De-briefing of the story

Eat defeat for breakfast. Do not let setbacks put you off, instead use them as springboards to the success you desire. Only those who are willing to go the distance can taste the sweetness of victory.

So, are you willing to go to distance?

Story source

From the book – “365 recipes that will make you think positive” by Allan Cohen.


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