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Anthony Robbins was born as Anthony J Maharvorick in north Hollywood, California. His father was a parking garage attendant and his mother was the home maker.

The eldest of three children, Tony’s both parents divorced when he was seven, and his mother remarried twice.

One husband, Jim Robbins, a semiprofessional baseball player, and adopted Tony. At high School Tony excelled in studies and was selected student body president during his senior year. Despite his academic success, his home life was chaotic and abusive.

On Christmas eve, when Tony was 17, his mother chased him out of this house with a knife. Tony left and never returned.

Tony stayed at a friend’s house, trying to figure out what to do with his life. He called his uncle, who own a cleaning business, and asked him for the job. Working as a janitor on late nights, Tony rode the bus to and from work and often often did not sleep until 3 AM. Following the advisement of high school guidance counsellor, who said he had enough credits to graduate, Tony left school to concentrate on supporting himself.

As mother insisted that his uncle should fire Tony, so he could learn how to support himself on this own, not using family. Tony agreed.

Tony took a sales job. He proved to be a good salesman, and in just few months after living high School, Tony on enough money to move into his own apartment. While making a sales pitch to a new customer, he learnt about self-help guru Jim Ron.

Customer took great interest in Tony and informed him about one of rounds upcoming seminars.

Tony attended, and at the end of the seminar, he approaches and Ron and ask him for a job. Ron gave him one and Tony promoted Ron’s seminar to businesses all over Los Angeles, California, earning over $3000 per month.

After graduating from school, Tony immersed himself into his new career he kept a journal and that as many books on psychology and personal development as he could. He was eventually promoted to having his own office and on over $10,000 per month.

However, as his career was taking off, Tony’s personal life that deteriorated. He had broken up with his girlfriend and his Friends were jealous of his success.

Tony was stunned, as the success was making him lonelier than ever. He started sabotaging himself by not showing up sales meeting and eating excessively. He gained 38 pounds and this business was failing.

At 21 years, old, he moved into an apartment on Wednesday speech California where he spent most of his time watching soap operas.

One day, tony forced himself out of this apartment and began jogging along the beach. Staring out at the waves, he decided to take back control of his life. Tony turned his life around and begin conducting his own seminars at a friend’s house in Vancouver, Canada.

He ended his seminars with the firewalking exercise in this friends backyard. The Exercise proved that, using their mind anyone can overcome on their fears, including walking their fear. Tony grew his reputation as a self-help guru through a series of radio guest appearances, and he eventually in movie seminars back to California.

He achieved mainstream success through infomercials promoting his products and through his bestselling books, unlimited power and awaken the giant within.


De-briefing of this Story

When feel, a successful person faces problem only once in his life. Once he resolves it then there is only success and no more problems.

But that’s not how it is – even successful people face the situation where they feel like – one step forward and two steps backward.

Remember road to success is never going to be a straight line. So never give up and keep working hard. Videos of Tony Robins will help you to do that. Make sure to watch them on YouTube.

Story source

From the book – “The 30 Inspiring Stories”

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