Should I breakup? | Story no. 135

Keira – It is not working

Garima – What?

Keira – My new relationship.

Garima – Why? What happened?

Keira – Nothing, I just don’t feel for him the same way, I felt for my ex.

Garima – Oh that’s sad. So what you have decided?
Keria – To have a Breakup.

Garima – Keira, you are a fitness freak right? You play badminton, do yoga, gym and also a certified Zumba (a form dance fitness) Instructor

Keira – (proudly looks at her belly region which is completely flat) – Yes, I am. I always keep my body in shape. But what that has to do with my relationship topic?
Garima – Just bear with me for two minutes. I need to ask few questions before we discuss your relationship.

Can you tell me, what should I do to lose weight?

I use to gym regularly and lost some weight but had to quit due to my Work schedule.

Then I joined a Zumba class last week but it gives a totally different experience to my body. So will that help me to lose weight?

Keira: It does not matter which workout you do – Gym, Zumba or any other. Provided you do it regularly and follow a good diet, you will get the results.

Talking about the experience – each one has it’s uniqueness. You should select which resonates with you as every workout can help you to be fit. Just don’t compare one workout to another.

Garima – Like you can’t compare one workout to another, similarly you can’t compare one person with another.

Your new boyfriend cannot make you feel the same way as your old one.

Comparing them with each other is not the right way. Your new boyfriend has some uniqueness and will love you in his unique way.

So when you are in love with him, you will feel differently. You cannot break up with him just because he cannot make you feel the same way as you ex-did.

If you are not comfortable with him then surely break up. But don’t break up just because your initial feelings are different.

If you both click together in future – end result will be as expected – love and happiness.

Keira – Wow, that’s surely a right way of looking towards this new relationship. I do feel he loves me genuinely and always make me feel comfortable. I should definitely give this relationship more time to evolve.

Garima – Yes, that’s the right decision. Hope he might be the one for you.

Keira – (blushing) yes, he can be.

De-briefing of this Story

I have seen many relationships not lasting for more than 3 months just because a girl/boy is constantly comparing the new person with their past boyfriend/girlfriend.

Accept the fact that when you break up with someone, a part of you dies. And no one can make you feel the same way as your ex.

So stop finding ex in your new relationship and be open to new experiences.


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