One more short| Story no. 136

Frustrated and disheartened, the budding author threw his manuscript into the wastebasket. His latest rejection felt like the last straw, and he decided that his search for a publisher was fruitless.

That night, his wife noticed the discarded manuscript, and she picked it out of the trash and cleaned it off.

She believed in her husband and his work, and she was not about to see him give up.

In the morning, she placed it before him at the breakfast table and told him, “Norman , don’t quit now. You have a lot to offer; somehow you will get published.”

The writer was Norman Vincent Peale, and the manuscript was “The Power of Positive Thinking, which went on to become one of the most successful inspirational classics in history.

The book  has changed life of millions of lives, offering hope and motivation to people around the world.


De-briefing of this story

Sometimes universe tests us with rejection; life asks us if we are confident enough in ourselves and our creations to keep going in the face of obstacles.

No one and nothing in the world has the power to put you down; the only time you fail is you agree with rejection.

Act with the confident of master, and you will find strength that you never knew you had


Story source
From the book – 365 recipes that will make you think positive


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