Columbus, I could have done it too | Story no. 142

In his book “Principle-centered Leadership, Stephen M. R. Covey tells how Columbus was once invited to a banquet, where he was assigned the most honorable place at the table.

A shallow courtier who was meanly jealous of him asked abruptly: “Had you not discovered Indies, are there not other men in Spain who could have been capable of that enterprise?

Columbus made no reply but took an egg and invited the company to make it stand on one end. They all attempted, but in vain; whereupon he tapped it on the table, denting one end, and left it standing.

“We all could have done it that way!” the courtier accused.

“Yes, if you had only known how,” retorted Columbus.”

And once I showed you the way to the new world, nothing was easier than to follow it.”

De-briefing of this story

It is easier to look at some already existing business and say I could have done it too. But it requires real leadership skills to do something for the first time. If you do not wish to do that, then at least respect the one who has done it.

Story Source

From the book – “The 5 Levels of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell


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