I am too busy | Story no. 144

Recently I (Rupak) met my friend Keira (name changed to protect the identity of every girl except Keira, haha) and asked her what’s new in her life.

Keira – “Rupak, life is going on as normal – job, bit stressful but that’s normal for C.A.’s, relationship going on nicely and also a lot happier because of the Yoga classes which I joined recently. Yoga is helping me to lose weight so I could be slim and off course that makes every girl happy.”

Our normal talk went on for half an hour and then to topic changed to one of our mutual friend (closer to her than me) – Akshay, who recently had a breakup.

Rupak – “Keira, you had a word with Akshay? He just broke up recently. How is he doing?

Keira – “He is good. Anyways I don’t think he was very serious with his relationship.”

Rupak – “That’s good then, what’s new things going on in his life?”

Keira – “I don’t know, I haven’t spoken with him.”

Rupak – “But you just said he is doing okay after a breakup. That means you had a word with him.”

Keira – “No re. I never called him. I just said that with what I could guess about him.”

Rupak – “So you assumed that he was not serious in his relationship and he had overcome his breakup. But you didn’t even bother to call him and confirm that?”

Keira – “No need and I think he is doing well. And you know how busy my life is – job, family work, relationship and also exams in next week.”

Rupak – “Okay.”

I didn’t felt like pushing her more on this topic as I had to leave. On my way back, I reflected on our chat and realized – Keira is doing all the hard work – job, studies, relationship and Yoga to be happy and in that process, she does not even have time for her close friend – Akshay.

The Sad fact is, Akshay can always make her happy unconditionally (that’s what close friends are for).

Now, who am I to judge Keira? Haven’t I done same things in past? Just being so obsessed with my dreams that I haven’t spent time with my close friends and relatives.

Even they might have gone through the few hardships. Did I actually spend enough time with them?

The answer is no and the reason – Big goals which I want to achieve in life. But in that process, I forgot that the people whom I ignore are the ones who have and can make me happy without any conditions.

I cannot always spend time with them in person but at least via phone, especially at the time of their hardships.

De-briefing of this Story

When a person is hurt, it’s the time he/she needs you the most.

You do not need to have to or give solutions, sometimes what you need to do is just being there for him/her.

A painful journey becomes a lot easier when someone is there with you.

Hope we all will not get so busy in our life that we actually forgot why we all got busy in first place – to live a happy life. And a life cannot be happy without our close friends.

Now will call Akshay, I don’t know whether he will share how he feels (we are not that close). Maybe it will just end up to be a one minute call. But I will call and ask


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