Don’t talk to me like this | Story no. 145

I (Dr. Kashish Chhabria) had a client visit me for counseling eight years child.

This child was facing an issue which many children face daily. She was very fearful of her class teacher and did not like going to school.

On a little probing; I learned from the child that her class teacher was very rude and impolite to all kids.
The children were in a very fearful environment which is definitely not a conducive atmosphere for the growth of any growing child.

Child narrated an incident to me. She said that since she had eczema; her mother had given her a written note to hand over to the class teacher; requesting the teacher to allow her child to use the washroom as the child was undergoing a medical treatment for the same.

On receiving the note; the class teacher exclaimed in mean tone; “Oh my God; it’s the first day of school and your parents have sent me a love letter already !”. The child was taken aback by such words and had nothing to say.

On the second instance; the child narrated that the teacher mentioned that the cheque in which the fees for the school was drawn; was not in the right name.

When the child showed the circular which carried the school name exactly as mentioned on the cheque; the child was scolded in a very inappropriate manner in front of the entire class.

The class teacher wouldn’t spare any opportunity to yell at any given child in the class for excusable mistakes that the particular child made; and would humiliate the child openly; in front of the class.

I counseled the child and the parent and explained to the child that it is she who needs to understand; that people treat us the way; we allow them to treat us and I motivated and explained to her to gather her courage to speak up for herself.

I explained to her that it is good manners to speak politely and to speak up for own self is an act of kindness; courage and self-respect; and that we all must speak up for ourselves when need be. Because our parents cannot be there at all times to speak up for us.

The child went back home smiling with her mother and seemed quite happy.

After a few days ; class ;I received a call from the child’s mother. The mother narrated the following:

The third time when the teacher spoke impolitely to my child in front of the class;my this little child with meek little eyes looked up to the teacher and said ;
“Miss; I do not like to be spoken to like this. Please would you speak to me kindly. ”

That was it. It was the end of the teacher’s insensitive and impolite talk to that child. That day onwards ; this little child was a lion in her little heart knowing that she could surmount her challenges and that respect for others begins with oneself.

De-briefing of this Story

It is important to be kind and have the courage to stand up for yourself.

You need to respect others but not at expense of your self respect.

Let’s teach every child this important lesson.

Story source

Written by Dr Kashish Chhabriaa


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