Make them Feel Special | Story no. 146

Once, when Priscilla and I (Lee Cockerell) were staying at the City Loft hotel in Beaufort, South Carolina, I got up early and went to the little coffee shop, connected to the hotel.

I was greeted cheerfully by a young woman with a very apt name: Joy. “Good morning, how can I serve you?” asked Joy.

I told her I would like a blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee. “Can I heat that for you?” she inquired.

“Heat what?” I asked.
“Your muffin,” said Joy. “They are better when they are heated.”

Now, most servers would throw your muffin in a bag and slam it on the counter, especially before 6 a.m., when people tend to be grumpy.

As country music Singer – songwriter Brad Paisley sings in a song called “The World”: “To the waiter at the restaurant, you are just another tip.”

Curious to know what made Joy different, I asked why she bothered offering to heat the muffin for me.

“I always think about what my mother would want if she was the customer,” she said.

Bingo! If you think like Joy, you are way ahead of the service game. I had breakfast in that little place every morning for the rest of my trip because Joy was a joy to see.

And I have no doubt that other customers also make it a point to return to the City Loft hotel and that coffee shop.


De-briefing of this story

Don’t treat your customer as just another customer.

Make the customer feel that he/She means The World to you and be authentic when you make them feel that.

Treat every customer as you would like someone to treat your mother/father.


Story Source
From the book – The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell


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