Entrepreneurship makes me a better person | Story no. 151

For me (Phanindra Sama, founder -Redbus) entrepreneurship has been a process of self-purification – a lot of things have changed for me.

For examples, prior to redBus I used to break traffic signals and if by chance a cop caught me, I would just bribe him and get away with it.

But when we started the company, Our mentor Sanjay Anandram got us thinking about the value system we wanted to build for redBus.

So things like this struck me and I realized that in the society we have to stick to the rules because we are the beneficiaries of that and since then I have changed.

Today, even if there is separated tonight at midnight, I still stop.

A big revelation was that when I stopped, everyone behind me also stopped.

So I have started seeing things in the world differently and this is true in other Spheres of my life too.


De-briefing of this story

Many times we wonder that are we right profession?

A simple way to check that is – If your current profession, does not make you a better person then you are in the wrong profession.

Your work and your relationship at the end of the day are to make you a better and more evolved version of yourself.


Story Source

Young Turks by Sherin Bhan and Syna Dehnugara


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