I want my gold coins | Story no. 155

One day, a cunning miser called Sam missed a little pack, which contained 50 gold coins.

He sent his labourers looking for the pack, yet none could discover it. He told his companions and neighbours that he had lost a pack of gold coins and asked for them to advise in the event that they discovered it.

After a few days, a ten-year-old young lady, who was spotted close to Sam’homes, advised her dad that she had discovered a little sack and it had 50 gold coins.

Her dad worked in Sam’s territory. He told his girl that it was his boss’ cash and he had lost it before two days and included he would give back where its due.

They weren’t extremely rich and the father could hold the gold coins with themselves and shroud the truth of discovering the sack.

He was honest to the point that he ought to give back where its due coins to his master, who truly owed it.

He provided for it to his master Sam and requested that he check whether the pack had 50 gold coins. Sam who was truly upbeat to get the coins, chose to play a trap.

He yelled at his labourer, ‘There were 75 gold coins in this sack and you provided for me just 50! Where are alternate coins? You have stolen them!’

The labourer was stunned to hear this and he argued to his ace that he gave whatever his little girl had found.

Self-centred and covetous Sam did not acknowledge it and they chose to take the issue to court to get the right judgment.

The judge heard both the sides. He inspected the little girl and got forensic experts to check the bag, who confirmed that it originally had only 50 coins.

Judge asked, ‘Are you certain you had 75 coins?’ and Sam nodded his head.

At that point, the judge made his judgment, ‘Since Sam lost a sack of 75 gold coins, the pack found by the young lady which had just 50 coins don’t fit in with Sam and it was lost by another person. Moreover, if anybody discovered a sack of 75 gold coins,

I would pronounce it has a place with Sam. Likewise, there were no cases of the loss of 50 coins and I request the young lady and his dad to take those 50 coins as a token of thankfulness for their genuineness!’

De-briefing of this Story

It’s very tempting to earn money in the wrong way because it’s easy. But in the long run, money earned by your hard work will only stay with you.

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