It’s not my Fault | Story no. 161

“Rupak, I hate him so much,” said Keira (name changed) with tears in her eyes.

Rupak – “Really? I don’t think so”

Keira – “Off course not, I love him so much. I want him back… I want him back…”

Rupak – “Just because you broke up that does mean that you have to hate him. And in your case, both of you did nothing wrong.”

Keira – “We had to break up because his parents were not ready to accept me just because of my caste”.

Rupak – “That’s the sad part of our society.”

Keira – “I am angry at him because I think he never tried too hard to convince his parents. It feels so painful when you fight hard for someone and that person is not fighting for you. I know it’s very mean to think in that way but sometimes I really wish that he was an orphan. No parents so no tension.”

Rupak- “We both know you are not that mean and you really don’t wish him to be an orphan. I know you are hurt but let’s try to his perspective too. How long were you in the relationship? For one year, right?”

Keira – “yes”

Rupak – “And how long is he in relationship with his parents”

Keira- “What kind of question is this? It’s from the day he was born, around 25 years.”

Rupak – “So if his parents go to such an extreme where he has to select you or them, whom will he select… Please don’t think that he was not serious about you. He was.”

Keira – “I cry for him every night”.

Rupak – “That’s bad”

Keira – “What should I do?”

Rupak – “I really wish I had an answer. But to start with accept the fact that he is gone. Also, stop blaming him, his parents and even our society. I am not saying it’s not their fault but blaming is not going to make it better. I can’t even imagine what pain you are going through right now. And it’s sad to know that you both can’t have the future together. But you both had a wonderful year together. Cherish those memories with love and don’t hate them.”

Keira – “That’s true. I will surely think about it.”

Rupak – “Good. Now it’s getting late. Go home and drop me a message when you reach.”

Keira – “I will. And I completely forgot you were to ask that girl out for a date na? Pucha?”

Rupak – “I don’t think I will ask her out.”

Keira – “Why?”

Rupak – “That story for some other time. Now go home.”

Keira – “Bye. Take care”

Debriefing of this Story

Caste.. Caste.. Caste.. Don’t know how many love stories ended because of that. Our society is not going to change quickly. But we can make sure that our next generation will be free to love whomever they want irrespective of their caste. Hope so now girl/boy will get hurt in future like my friend Keira.

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