Old Man and His Son | Story no. 194

Once an old man used to live with his son. But one day his son was convicted and sent to prison.

The old man had a plot in front of his house in which he used to grow potatoes. This year again it was time for planting of potatoes but all the digging and planting was lots of hard work for old man to do all by himself.

His only son was still in prison as the old man was not able to get any attorney to get him out of prison. So one-day old man wrote a letter to his son in prison and told him about the situation.

He wrote in the letter:
I am feeling bad because this year I will not be able to plant potatoes. I don’t want to miss this as your mother always loved this but son I am too old to dig up the plot for gardening of potatoes. I wish you were here with me, I know you would have dug the plot for me and all my troubles would be over.
Love Dad.

After just a few days old man received a telegram from his son with a short reply from his son: Note in the Telegram was:

Dad..!! Don’t dig up that plot in front of our house. that’s where I had buried and hid all the Guns..!!

Next morning, the old man saw that FBI agents and police officers showed up in front of old man’s house and dug up the whole plot in search of guns but weren’t able to find any gun so they left. Confused by all this old man wrote another letter to his son in prison, telling him about all what happened.

His son reply was:
Dad, Go ahead and plant your potatoes. It’s best I could do to help you from here.

Debriefing of the story

There are always creative ways of solving the problem when the regular ones doesn’t work. Learn to think outside the box and make the negative circumstances work for you rather than complaining about it.

Remember – “Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

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