I see the sky | Story no. 200

An uneducated father with his educated son went on a camping trip.

They set-up their tent and fell asleep.
Some hours later, the father woke up his son.

Father- Look up to the sky and tell me what you see.
Son- I see millions of stars.
Father- And what does that tell you?
Son- Astronomically, it tells that there are millions of galaxies and planets.

Father slaps the son hard and says- “Idiot, someone has stolen our tent”

Debriefing of the story

I have seen many educated people not executing things because they are paralyzed by too much analysis.

Remember education was created to make you faster and better at the execution of things and not analyzing.

Basic business principles will never change just because have a Ph.D.” – Rupak Shah

Story source
As received on WhatsApp

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