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I (Narayanan Krishnan) saw a very old man, who was eating his waste for hunger.

I thought what is the purpose of my life? What am I going to do?

In a 5 star hotel, I feed all my guests but in my hometown, there are people who are living without even food. And I quit my job, and I started feeding all these people from 2002, we fed the homeless, mentally ill destitute (extremely poor) and the old people who have been left uncared by the society. I also cut their hair, shave them and give them a bath. For them to feel that they are also human beings, there are people to care for them, they have a hand to live, hope to live. Food is one part, love is another part.

So food will give them physical nutrition but the love, and affection which you show will give them mental nutrition.

Brahmin are not supposed to touch these people, clean these people, hug these people, feed these people but everyone has 5.5 liters of blood, I am just a human being. For me, everybody is the same.

What is the ultimate purpose of life? It is to give. Start giving, see the joy of giving.

According to CNN, 8 years ago, this award-winning chef with a five-star hotel chain was all set to go to Switzerland for a high-profile posting.

Much to the dismay of his parents, Krishnan abandoned his career plans and decided to spend his life and his professional training in looking after those who could not care for themselves.

“They had a lot of pain because they had spent a lot on my education,” he said. “I asked my mother, ‘Please come with me, see what I am doing.’

After coming back home, my mother said, ‘You feed all those people, the rest of the lifetime I am there, I will feed you.’ I’m living for Akshaya (his NGO). My parents are taking care of me.”

“I used to think everything is alike – beggars… mentally ill… so I used to think everyone alike but he taught me the difference”

Narayanan Lakshmi, Krishnan’s mother, told ABC News. I was not a teacher, he was a teacher to me. People used to ask me, how did you bring up your son… I didn’t bring up my child. He only brought up me. That is the irony”

Every day, he wakes up at 4 am, cooks a simple hot meal and then, along with his team, loads it in a van and travels about 200 km feeding the homeless in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Krishnan feeds, often with his hands, almost 400 destitute people every day. (Make sure to watch his video on youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJZoOGXIXQU)

Debriefing of the story

If you really want your life to be happy then you need to serve others. it need not be always about opening an NGO. It can also be done by your service or product.

And you should stop blaming the society for not helping poor. You are also the part of society, so start with yourself – society will follow. Stop helping them with a mindset of pity (because they are poor) and start helping them with a mindset of humanity as they are humans too.

If you help others with just sympathy and not empathy then you are just feeding your ego.” – Rupak Shah

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