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The 500$ Tip | Story no. 192

Kasey Simmons, a waiter from Little Elm, Texas, was waiting in line at Kroger supermarket on Tuesday, August 16, when he locked eyes with the customer ahead of him. “I could tell she had been crying,” the 32-year-old tells Us Weekly. “I don’t like anyone to have a crappy day.” So Simmons decided right then […]

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Mother is my Pillar | Story no. 190

At the young age of 13, Malvika survived a bomb blast. She lost her hands, was bedridden, and couldn’t walk for two years due to her injuries. She had to undergo multiple surgeries and make peace with scars that would remain for a lifetime. Today, she is an international motivational speaker, a P.Hd holder in […]

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To get UKG admission | Story no. 183

The child could not understand why they brought her there. When we all were standing, the school principal started to converse with the child….yes…in English only! This is one of the most memorable interviews I have ever witnessed in my life. Here goes… “What’s your name?” “Sita” “Good. Tell me something you know” “I know […]

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