Destroy the exam fear

Every hour, one student commits suicide in India

India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29, according to a 2012 Lancet report, which illustrated the need for urgent interventions.*

And the primary reason for suicides is not doing well in academics!

How sad is that, a life lost just because of failing in an exam or fear of failing in an exam, which anyway is not that important in the long run. There is no student that does not get stressed when s/he hears the word exam. But other than studying hard, do you do anything else to beat that fear?

That is why we decided to create an E course in collaboration with Nakul Agarwal. Nakul is not some old guy with some foreign university certification, with which you will never connect with. He is the young Indian Spiritualist, who at just age of 27 has individually transformed thousands of youth and his NGO Renovatio has transformed millions.

The best part is he talks in a way in which a student can connect with. Watch one of his videos from the course


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How will this course help you

  1. Increased positivity – Once you understand what is stress and fear, it becomes easy to get rid of them
  2. Getting rid of suicidal thoughts – Understanding that exam is the end of the class and not of life, you will get the larger perspective of life
  3. Better marks – The only mind that can give better results is the calm one and our course will help to achieve that

What will you learn from the course

  1. Why the fear arises and types of exam fears
  2. Mindset shifts to tackle the fear
  3. Simple Breathing techniques for increasing your efficiency (even many certified yoga trainers are not aware of these breathing techniques)
  4. Managing your negative emotions and with time getting rid of them
  5. Why distractions occur while studying and how to get rid of them
Age group – 12 years and above

E-course details

Investment in the course is Rs 999. But right now a special limited time offer is going on. You can get it at just Rs 299 (70% off) –

  • Payment can be made in any online mode which is suitable for you, credit/debit card/Net banking.
  • 30 days refund period is available from the day you make the payment. If you don’t like, money will be refunded.
  • Once you make the payment, you will get login Id and password within 48 hours. You will have access to it for 5 years
Q1 – Can I watch anytime?

A – Yes and anytime as many times as s/he wants.

Q2- Will parent have to watch with the child?

Not compulsory, but it will definitely help if you see it together (definitely better than watching a movie together).

Q3- My kid won’t watch, can I watch and then explain to him/her?

A-Yes, techniques are easy to learn and teach. But just one guideline, when you are learning to teach to a kid, you have to get in the child’s mindset. Because of many techniques, you will find obvious and neglect them but they won’t be obvious to the child.

Q4- I have a lot of emotional problems than a normal kid, will the course help?

A- If you are sure that you have serious mental issues, then we would prefer you consult a psychologist. We would love to say the course will help and make a sale but that’s not who we are.

Q5- I am sceptic about the course, what if it does not benefit 100%?

A- We have a 1-month money back guarantee, in case you don’t find value, we would refund 100% of the amount without any questions.

But what I want you to think is even if you benefit just 5% (it will be surely a lot more than that), isn’t your money worth the course (last time we checked, the weekends move tickets were costlier than the price of the course).

Investment details


 Instead of Rs 999 which we were planning for the course, for pre-launch Nakul has requested to keep the course at Rs 299.

Click here to get the course ‘Destroy the exam fear” –

Nakul is so passionate about his mission that he shoot the entire course for free for us. Therefore from our side, on each enrollment, we will donate 35% amount to his NGO- Renovatio

One more bonus offer especially for you

With destroying the exam fear, we should also strongly suggest, learn the following techniques

  1. Velocity reading – Transforming the interest and increasing the reading speed by 300% (For more details –
  2. Instant Recall – The correct way to memorise things so that you can recollect when required (For more details –
  3. Listen to Learn – The way to listen and make notes so that you retain a maximum of what you listen in class (For more details –

Each of the above course requires the investment of Rs 299 (total Rs 900), but if you decide to buy now with “destroy the exam fear” you will get it at just Rs 700.


Click here to get all 4 courses at just Rs 999 –  (Rs 700 + Rs 299 of “Destroy the exam fear”)


In case you have any more questions, please call at 91-8286-211-823 or email at See you in the E-course.



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