Growth opportunities

Following are the workshops for your growth

In person Workshops

Our in-person workshops are at no cost obligation

Increase influence by active listening skills – 5th January (Saturday), BKC, 10 am-2 pm,  –

Velocity Reading Workshop – 19th Jan, Thane, 9.30 am -1.30pm –

Get Rid of stress- 20th January (Sunday), Andheri, 9.30 am – 1.30 pm –



Now learn from the comfort of your home. Learn from videos anytime (5-year access) and from any device (Our site is mobile friendly)

Available E-courses

1- Velocity Reading – a course to increase your reading speed by 300% –

2- Listen to Understand – a course to improve your listening skills to build better relationships –

3- Leadership lessons from Indian Mythology –

4- Instant Recall – A course that will help you to memorize things quickly –

5- Listen to Learn – A course that will help you to listen to things in a way which will help you to memorise faster –

6- Destroy the exam fear -A course to remove the exam fear so you can face any exam with a calm mind –

7- Becoming a WhatsApp Influencer, organically boost your WhatsApp reach –

8- A Book A Week, step by step process to create the habit of reading –

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