Leadership lessons from Indian Mythology

As Indians, we tend to ignore the greatness of our culture and copy others. But the reality is, we ignore it because of very shallow knowledge about our culture.

Due to our ignorance, the Western people are learning from these stories and selling it back to us stating as Corporate Leadership.

I (Rupak Shah) have read almost all famous books (more than 500 nonfiction books) on leadership from foreign authors. I thought I will never be able to learn all those lessons from Indian mythology.

But I was so wrong. I realised it when I met Rishi Nanda, a mythologist by profession. Rishi trains on various self-growth topics with the help of mythology. His depth of knowledge made me realise that how much we can learn from our own culture.

Therefore I decided to shoot an e-course with him so that not just me but all Indians can benefit from this knowledge.

Click here to enroll in the course – https://imjo.in/AX4FAk

About E-Course

In this video e-course, you will get to know 25+ stories giving insightful lessons about leadership. As learning is in story format, it is easy not only to remember it but also to share it with others – colleagues, subordinates and also with your kids.


What will you learn in the course?

  1. From the story of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh know what are the different types of Leaders
  2. From the story of Parshuram, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, and Kalki learn about different roles of a Leader
  3. From the Draupadi cheer haran know the important lesson on when to help your subordinates
  4. From the plot of killing Dhroncharya, Bheeshma, and Karna, you will learn about the importance of competitor analysis, and lots more in the course
Also, you will get to know
  1. Why Lord Ganpati is known Vignaharta
  2. Why is Lord Brahma not worshiped
  3. Why Krishna took Pandava’s side in Mahabharata and many more less known things about Mythology

Click here to enroll in the course – https://imjo.in/AX4FAk

E-course Details
  • E-course consists of almost 120 minutes of content spread across 30 videos.
  • You can watch the E-course anytime you wish and as many times you wish in the next 5 years.
  • Our site is 100% mobile friendly so you can watch via your smartphone too.


About our trainer – Rishi Nanda


  • Rishi Nanda has trained more than 9,000 people via Indian mythology
  • Although he had a very good corporate life still he left all that to focus full time on mythology (watch the above video to know his entire story)
  • He is on a noble mission to share the life-changing lessons of Indian mythology with the entire world


Investment Details

Investment in the course is Rs 1999. But right now a special limited time offer is going on. You can get it at just Rs 299 (85% off) – https://imjo.in/AX4FAk

  • Payment can be made in any online mode which is suitable for you, credit/debit card/Net banking.
  • 30 days refund period is available from the day you make the payment. If you don’t like, money will be refunded.
  • Once the payment is made, you will get login details in next 48 hours.


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In case you have any more questions, please call at 8286211823 or email at rupak@rupakshah.com. See you in the E-course.

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