Instant Recall E-course

Have you experienced any of this?

  1. Feeling embarrassed when you can’t recollect the name of the person
  2. Feeling frustrated when you can’t recollect where you kept important things
  3. Feeling like a failure because even after studying hard yet can’t recall facts in exams

If yes, then “Instant Recall” course is for you.

Instant Recall is about memorizing information in such a way that you can recall it when needed.


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How will the workshop help you?

  • Increasing your confidence
  • Boosting your productivity
  • Improving relationships


What will you learn from the course?

    1. The mindset shift required for having a sharp memory
    2. How to remember names
    3. How to recollect any text (long/difficult answers, technical material etc.)
    4. How to recollect any numbers  (Got Expert Srinivas Vakati for this topic)
    5. How to effectively apply the memory techniques

Bonus – At the end of the course, you will get exercises to practice for the next 10 days. Practicing those exercises will make sure that you are able to apply the techniques nicely.


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Watch one of the videos from the Course

In this video, you will learn about the reason why it is difficult to recollect information in the examination hall


E-course Details
  • E-course consists of almost 100 minutes of content spread across 25 videos.
  • You can watch the E-course anytime you wish and as many times you wish in the next 5 years.
  • Our site is 100% mobile friendly so you can watch via your smartphone too.
  • You will get login id and password within 48 hours once the payment is made.

About Trainers

Rupak Shah

  • The trainer, Rupak Shah, has trained more than 5500 people.
  • He has also done this workshops for corporates like Reliance, Capita, Cello, Edelweiss, Anchor and many more renowned companies.
  • He is also the creator of two online E courses – Velocity Reading and Listen to Understand


 Srinivas Vakati
  1. Srinivas is the founder of Expert Learners Academy, a company specializing in enhancing learning skills.
  2. Having trained himself to read faster has helped him to read over 3000 books in the last 13 years. Learning about philosophy and techniques of “how to learn” has helped him to become an above average student from below average student.
  3. He is a commerce graduate and completed Chartered Accountancy course (India) at the age of 21.

Investment Details

Investment in the course is Rs 999. But right now as special launch offer is going on, you can get it at just Rs 299 (70% off) –

  • Payment can be made in any online mode which is suitable for you, credit/debit card/Net banking.
  • 30 days refund period is available from the day you make the payment. If you don’t like, money will be refunded.

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One more Bonus offer especially for you

If you enroll for Instant Recall now, you can get access to our Velocity Course just at Rs 199.  It will help you to remove the guilt of not reading books by increasing your reading speed by 300%. Click here to know more –

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In case you have any more questions, please call at 8286211823 or email at See you in the E-course.
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