Becoming a WhatsApp Influencer – Organically boost your WhatsApp reach

If you want to build a brand on WhatsApp, then this e-course is for you

“Rupak has covered all the core contents which anyone who wants to build a brand on Whatsapp should use. I personally have followed those techniques in past and have been able to reach Lakhs of people because of that.” – Amrut Deshmukh, founder of Booklet App

Have you experienced this before?

  1. You excited about your product/service and you gladly share on WhatsApp, everyone congratulates you and send thumbs up, but no one buys or even clicks on your link
  2. You started to build WhatsApp list but now you are not able to increase the list
  3. You have great value to share via WhatsApp but you don’t know where to start
Then to solve this problem and increase your reach on WhatsApp, this e-course will help you. Click here to enrol –

Why increase your WhatsApp reach?

  1. WhatsApp has 200 million users in India
  2. Unlike other social media platforms, you can’t build a brand by paying money
  3. WhatsApp enjoys the most open rate of messages as compared to other social media brand

How will the course help you?

  1. How to identify the content which people will like to read and share on WhatsApp
  2. Techniques that will make sure that people share about your initiative with everyone
  3. How to keep the audience engaged
  4. Effectively managing 500+ daily WhatsApp messages
  5. Ways to earn money from your audience
  6.  Learning from practical examples of two WhatsApp influencers – Amrut Deshmukh (founder of booklet App) and Krutika Indulkar (Founder, Vocabpedia)
I started with my WhatsApp initiative with a great enthusiasm but the obstacles coming in with regards to WhatsApp management was taking up my mood. Thanks to Rupak for all the techniques he has taught me so far to excel in as a WhatsApp influencer! – Krutika Indulkar, Founder – Vocabpedia
Click here to enrol –

E-course details

  • E-course consists around 120 minutes of content spread across 30 videos
  • You can watch the E-course anytime you wish and as many times you wish in the next 5 years
  • Our site is 100% mobile friendly so you can watch via your smartphone too

Investment details

Investment for the course is Rs 999, for the launch offer, you will get it just for Rs 699. Click here to enrol –
  • Payment can be made in any online mode which is suitable for you, credit/debit card/Net banking
  • 30 days refund period is available from the day you make the payment. If you don’t like, money will be refunded
  • Once the payment is made, you will get login details in the next 48 hours

“I really care about what people read and what kind of information people choose to consume online. About a year ago, I started this WhatsApp Broadcast to share read-worthy articles. I shared sharing articles with my friends on a daily basis. I have been sending read-worthy articles for 400+ days now.

I got to know about Rupak and his WhatsApp Broadcast via a colleague. I was pretty excited to find another person with a similar mindset doing this. We got on a call one day and we started discussing. Rupak’s inputs helped me strategise a very important part of my WhatsApp Broadcast. His input on why and how people share content and how they recommend content to their friends was really valuable and helped me go from 1200 to 1700 subscribers in about 9 days. I now have over 3000 subscribers.

Rupak is just the right person to learn more about WhatsApp Broadcasts and how to grow. His course would be really valuable. I would definitely recommend it.”- Palak Zatakia


Click here to enrol –
In case you have any more questions, please call at 8286211823 or email at See you in the E-course.
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